Firefly Automatix

FireFly Equipment was founded to solve problems we encountered on our own turf farm. We began by designing improved parts for our automated harvester.

Our operators and maintenance crew were so happy with the reduced maintenance and improved function that FireFly parts gave them, that we developed more products. At the beginning of 2010, we started to market our parts to other turf producers. As more growers shared their equipment needs with us, we realized that with our expertise, we were poised to take automation in the turf industry to the next level and beyond.

From a small, shared shop space, we developed a prototype and the initial production models of the ProSlab, our first automated turf harvester. In 2013, we moved into our own factory and soon outgrew that building as well. In 2015, we moved into our current facility, doubling our space and considerably increasing our production rates of the ProSlab 155 and our line of improved parts.