Safety Alert: If your workers aren’t safe, then neither are you – Worksafe

  • Date: 07 Mar 2016
  • Categories: WH&S

LSA Safety Alert 09-2016: If your workers aren’t safe, then neither are you – Worksafe – There’s a strong message in Worksafe’s latest ad campaign that emphasises the effects that injuries pose on the workplace and it’s aimed squarely at employers. Read more at http://wp.me/p74DQl-4L

WorkSafe gets graphic in its latest ad campaign with a strong message that emphasises the effects that injuries pose on the workplace.

In launching its powerful new public awareness campaign, WorkSafe Victoria tries to show the impact that a serious injury can have on those involved.

The campaign, which contrasts people experiencing typical, everyday frustrations against the trauma of serious workplace incidents, is aimed squarely at employers.

According to WorkSafe Chief Executive Clare Amies, it is important for Victorian employers to fully appreciate the consequences of a workplace fatality or serious injury.

“While the majority of employers understand why it is important to maintain a safe workplace, there are still far too many fatalities and injuries occurring every year,” Ms Amies said.

“Our campaign shows an employer dealing with the consequences – telling the family, supporting traumatised employees, and dealing with a WorkSafe investigation.

“The campaign reminds employers that inspectors visit workplaces anywhere, any day, any time and the message is a blunt one: if your workers aren’t safe, then neither are you.”

Ms Amies said the prevention work undertaken by WorkSafe’s inspectors is an important component of the campaign.

“Last year, our inspectors made almost 42,000 workplace visits and their goal is clear – to prevent the shock and trauma that comes from the kind of scenarios seen in this campaign.

Ms Amies said everyone suffered when someone was injured at work – not just the person involved but their family, friends, colleagues, and the business itself.

“So it is vital employers do everything they can to prevent this from happening,” she said.

“Last year, 20 Victorians lost their lives at work and more than 26,000 workers were hurt seriously enough to receive compensation. Already this year, there have been four workplace deaths.

“That is why we make no apology for delivering this blunt message to employers that they must do everything they can to protect the health and safety of their employees.”

The campaign will appear on television, radio, online, in print and on outdoor sites. It will be supported by a strong social media campaign.

Visit worksafeeveryday.com.au for more information on how you can improve the safety of your workplace.